Pope Francis’ 63 tweets about climate change


Pope Francis did something historical! He published on Thursday a 180 – page document urging citizens to do something about climate change. Well no, it wasn’t pontiff leaving a lengthy letter. He just tweeted… A LOT!

In total there were 63 tweets with hastags #LaudatoSi, including: “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth,” which struck the most to masses and got most retweets.

Here’s everything Pope Francis tweeted about climate change:


How To Take Out Time For Social Media Marketing

Social Media which was once used just for the purpose, to connect with families and friends now has become the most popular way of advertising. All big brands have directed themselves towards Social Media Marketing, which is comparatively rapid way of advertising. When it first emerged, brands just used it to gain exposure but later this exposure diverted into gaining audience and promoting business over the night. Socializing with the customers benefitted the brand by making the customers loyal, known as the brand loyalty. Brands which give proper attention towards SMM are most likely to have more loyal customers but it requires great devotion and time which is very difficult for entrepreneurs & brands to do in today’s busy schedule.

Set aside an hour for researchFar too often, brands fail to take time out for social media marketing because they over-think it. Pulling out an hour from the tight schedule is not easy, but it has to be done! Define a specific time for social media every day, research on the things related to you brand, create new content and do not deviate from its aim. Build content which would attract audience towards your brand.  Among the best ways that you can show your customers that you truly appreciate them is to identify them, everybody loves to be famous. Responding to their comments by taking their name makes them feel happy about it and   brand is all about keeping its customers happy, Isn’t it?

 Scheduling tweets or posts with tools like tweetdeck, buffer, hootsuite- Nobody has time to sit and wait for the perfect time to “tweet” or post anything on Facebook, LinkedIn ,Instagram etc. Social media is invasive and huge. You simply cannot handle it all on your own, it would take the whole day to manage an account manually but thanks to the tools available, scheduling a post for anytime of the month is easily possible. Some of the most common and effective tools include Tweetdesk, Buffer, hootsuite ,swayy, feedly and twitter counter. But still researching and scheduling can cost you a lot of time everyday .

Hiring A Pro – Social Media Managers- Having limited time to give to the social media it is impossible for the brand or an entrepreneur to generate the desired traffic by its own. Therefore hiring a professional social media manager is much more convenient and effective. It can save you a lot of time and generate you enough traffic to boost your brand’s image and help built loyal customers. Social media managers are professionals who know how to market your brand and generate content which would engage the audience.

 Need our assistance in social media marketing? Email us at nabehalatif@live.com

Are you stuck in mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis?

living_in_a_bubble_by_hoodiebear-d4vfoorThere comes a time in our life when we get caught in the middle of something big which is about to happen..

We can see clearly where we are heading but there are six/seven more steps which we have to climb before reaching it..

It’s a lot of hard work and all we want to do is just stop to rest little bit.. 2 days of procrastination won’t harm that much right?

This mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis is what I am going to talk about today. When I was at that stage, I felt like nothing will matter till I spend at least 3 years working on gaining experience. That feeling of ‘spending certain time at a particular stage to fulfil our role’

You know what? I was wrong!

We see a ladder of success with many steps but only few out of those are actual steps. Rest are imaginary! 

I don’t know why our traditional teachers taught us this?  It’s completely possible to be successful after just taking one or two steps.

Why realise it late and then regret in old age??  

Do following thinking when you are stuck at mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis:

  • Analyse where you are standing right now.
  • Think about different ways to reach where you want to be.
  • Be daring enough to challenge yourself with tasks which you feel you might not be able to do yet.
  • Show transparency when discussing your goals & actual outcomes.
  • Remember there are bigger threats to our human kind than the issues that you are facing so be strong! Don’t let one failure bring you down.
  • Try to pretend to be a shield which can take criticism without losing self confidence.

Come out of the bubble you live in.. as it’s only out of comfort zone where we actually start living!

Now You Can Choose Who Will Inherit Your Facebook Account After Your Death

Do you often wonder what will happen to your facebook account when you will die?

Mark has thought about that too. Your online after life will continue to go on if you choose someone trustworthy to manage your social media account. Previously when anyone passed away, users could ask Facebook to convert the social media account into a memorial page but now Facebook has put its users in partial control of what happens to their accounts after they pass away. Facebook users have been given a choice to decide from, whether they want their account to be deleted after death or use the “Legacy Contact” option to choose someone to manage their account.

This option is great but it also comes with some restrictions as the legacy contact won’t be able to post new status or even edit what the deceased already posted, the private conversation/messages will also remain under lock down. However the legacy contact will be able to change profile pictures and download – archive your photos, posts and profile information. They will login from their own personal accounts on behalf of the deceased.



Legacy contact can be designated by going into, Settings, then Security, click Legacy Contact at the bottom of the page. Once there and after editing the pre-filled message, sent to the contact telling them that you’ve chosen him/her to inherit your Facebook account after your death. However you can only choose one person as a legacy contact so choose wisely.

For the time being this option is only available in the US. Let’s see when this will roll in other countries as well.




Option to ‘Save’ content to check out later on Facebook

So Facebook has upgraded its user interface with a good addition. Adding “Save”, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media Pages.

The idea of Facebook Save is pretty simple. It allows users to create a list of Places, Events, Movies, TV Shows, Music and Articles they can check out later. It’s basically for those who are too busy to go through all of the news on a Facebook News Feed, setting stories aside to be read later at the user’s discretion. The links saved are completely discreet and only visible to the user.

Let us have a look how Facebook Save actually works:

When ever your Facebook News Feed is refreshed and new stories pop up, for instance you have liked a page which reviews new cars, you can easily click on the drop down menu button in the form of an arrow on the top right corner of that news and then save the article for a later time and this works for both the mobile and personal computers. But there is one thing to be remembered regarding saved links, you need to have live internet access in order to open those saved links as Facebook does not cache the saved content. Another good thing about all this is that Facebook reminds you of all the saved links in your News Feed.


Save might not be caching the read-it-later feature, instead the main focus may be on teaching Facebook what you and everyone thinks are high-quality stories and should be displayed in the News Feed. The Saved list is organized by category.


All in all this add-on seems especially relevant now that the average News Feed has become so cluttered and the chronological order of posts is almost lost.

Although Facebook is too late to add this feature after the success of Pocket but none the less we are happy to have it 🙂 


Social Networks That Ultimately Failed

Something’s are destined to fail no matter how much effort has been put into them.

Social media has been nothing short of a phenomenon, with the success of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter which continue to inspire people around the globe along many businesses and corporations to keep up socially interactive.

There is glory but not for everyone or everything. Some experience major success stories, on both an individual and brand basis, while others eventually fade away never to be remembered again and the same goes for most of the social networks, too. Fall of many recognized social networks will keep giants like Facebook and Twitter on their toes because you never know what people may like/dislike in this demanding world.

The Hub


It took just a few months in 2006 for America’s largest retailer Wal-Mart to both launch and shut down its social network website which was targeting teens for its growth. Marketed as a “School Your Way” promotion, Wal-Mart tried to cash the opportunity to connect with the youth who preferred the store’s products. As everyone is serious about their privacy, especially teens, Wal-Mart made a blunder by sending user information to parents for approval and making fake profiles which was a major flop to attract more people to shop at the mega store. Also the Hub was indeed “The Hub of Advertisements also”



August 2007 in New Zealand a social network specifically for the older demographics was launched. People under the age of 18 were restricted from joining the social network, but seriously 18 doesn’t sound like much of an ‘old person’ to me. It acted too similarly to the other networks out there, especially Myspace because it was designed in Flash. The social network lasted less than a year before it went offline forever.

ITunes Ping


Launched in September 2010 by the Tech Titan Mr. Steve Jobs himself. The idea for this social network was very simple, all the music junkies could socialize with each other online. In the event of attraction, more descriptive tips jogos caca niquel gratis. Sadly the demise was inevitable because Facebook and Twitter had gained so much popularity that even music artists switched from iTunes Ping. So finally after 2 years of struggle, iTunes Ping sank into oblivion without any possibility for a life line.

Google Buzz


Google is tech giant with so many achievements under its belt but, sometimes with fame comes shame! Google+ is not the first attempt at tying all its services together through a social media portal. Google Buzz was launched in February 2010. Sadly Google has been known to release new products before they are completely ready for public and then continue to develop that product which causes huge problems for the users. Soon after the launch there was a privacy backlash when Buzz made certain Gmail information public without the knowledge of its users and any prior warning. The final in the coffin was put by Facebook and Twitter. Thus on December 15, 2011 Google buzz was discontinued.



Orkut launched in 2004 by the tech giant Google. Social networking was on the verge of evolution and Orkut made its entry into social media. Orkut was an instant hit after its launch and managed to make a strong following from users all over the world. Before the wall in Facebook, the concept of Scrapbook was introduced by Orkut. Like many other social networks, the demise of Orkut because of Facebook, unlike Facebook Orkut was slow as a tortoise! The social network did not bother to up its game to compete with the rivals and the launch of Google+ made sure that the Tech Giant is preparing to let go Orkut. Thus in 2014 after ten long years, Google pulled the plug and all that remained was memories.


Launched in 2002, this particular social network gained popularity rapidly, so much so it was the first social networking website which gained 115 Million users in 2008. Sadly as the users connected with Friendster, the social network did not put up with the load which frustrated the users thus paving way for Facebook and Twitter. After crashing down in 2009, Friendster was re-launched in 2011 but as a gaming site which gained in popularity in Asia.



Launched in 2006 and straightaway targeting internet users 50 was a given fail from the word get go! So it was supposed to be a social network but why the age restrictions? Really bad on part of EONS. The social network focused only on elderlies and could not get a grip, failing to attract users for building an online social community. Eventually in June 2012, the site was shut down and the reason given by its founder was, “their team is working to resolve the business issues with [their] service provider.” He goes on to say that their providers were demanding financial commitments that cannot be made at this time.



Just as Ello is trying (or I dare say, Tried and Failed Miserably) to derail Facebook at present, Diaspora was dubbed as a Facebook rival or killer, it was created in Nov 2011 as the answer to Facebook’s much publicized privacy issues. Built on an open source social networking software, it was designed to be simple to use. But lack of functionality and features ultimately made it a quiet dull experience. Although the Diaspora is still active at the moment but rarely sees any kind of activity or traffic in its domain.

There are tons of new social networks being introduced every year, with some having the capacity to take on the giants while others dramatically fail to gain any audience. As the technology and social trends continue to evolve, there will always be a gap in the market for something new. Following some key elements the networks should constantly innovate, adapt and evolve, offering something different that will make a fan base and users can engage on topics that they feel passionate about.

Emerging role of Digital Marketer & Chief Marketing Technologist

That time is long gone when marketing wasn’t linked with technology.

Do you know? It was predicted in 2012 by Gartner that by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than its chief information officer.   

Now roles like digital strategist or social media marketer are of utmost importance now.

CMT-coverWith latest technological advancements, we are noticing new roles related to marketing in this digital age. Chief Marketing Technologist is one of them.

What exactly is Chief Marketing Technologist?

“A chief marketing technologist (CMT) is a C-level executive who sets a technology vision for the marketing team that aligns with business goals.”



According to HBR, CMTs are part marketers, part creative directors, part leader and part teacher who set the technology vision of your organization. I personally believe it to be a new term coined to the previous role of digital marketer. It was a much needed distinction which was building a gap between the tasks that digital marketers can do. Capture

Software has been the chief medium for carrying out the marketing activities wherein digital marketers build the brand messages, spread them globally and also engage with the audience. The numbers on annual digital budget are increasing exponentialy.

Yet I feel hesitance in many towards adopting this holistic approach. How long will it take for other organizations to realise that by neglecting to invest in digital marketing, they are putting a block on a bigger chunk of their target market?


Let’s see how things will be after next 5 years or so..


For social media management or digital marketing assistance, feel free to email me at nabeha@graphicalx.com

Most Talked About TV Shows On Facebook: 2014

We waited, watched, reviewed and discussed. Let’s break it down to the Top 10 most talked about TV shows on Facebook this year.

10. Scandal

Scandal has definitely earned it’s way onto this top 10 list. A decent plot and amazing acting performances have kept the people engaged since the pilot release on April 2012. Being a political thriller and being so popular couldn’t have been easy as you’d think. House of Cards has an insane amount of fan following. Be it Netflix or Facebook. Even then, Scandal have beaten it, not sure if deservingly but quite fairly.


9. How I Met Your Mother

This year, we finally got to meet the Mother. Even though the last season was a bit disappointment, Not everyone was pleased with and that could be one reason for it to be discussed so much on Facebook. It received so much criticism that they released an alternative ending just to please the viewers. I, for one, believe it was perfect. The writers played a gamble and experimented with the script. It was never about the ‘Yellow Umbrella’ but the ‘Blue French Horn’.


8. True Detective

True Detective was already on everybody’s Facebook timeline the day its trailer was launched. With such casting, we all knew it was going to be something amazing. But I honestly didn’t expected it to be this good. From the very first episode, it had me at the edge of my seat. I’m sure I’ll be speaking for all the viewers when I say that if this were a movie, it was going for Oscars without a shadow of a doubt. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson stole the show!


7. Sons of Anarchy

Things DID got bloody this season of Sons of Anarchy. A certain death of a character, which I’m not going to name, hit the viewers real bad. I didn’t know there were so many fans of this character until he actually died. Overall, it was a pretty decent season with a not-so-bad plot. I mean how could it have been bad? It got people talking!


6. American Horror Story

The Freak Show. It was bad-er and freakier. They took the show to a whole new level. Before the pilot, there was quite a fuss about how they have been repeating the same cast with not much different plot. But boy oh boy did they prove the critics wrong! Neil Patrick Harris and Emma Roberts addition brought a new flavor to the show and worked a miracle. No wonder people talked so much about the show on Facebook. It freaked the hell out of them.


5. Downton Abbey


There was never a dull moment in this season. Every single scene has been executed perfectly. The British television series gained a lot more popularity this year and made people talk about so much. It’s crazy how it happened because I, for one, wasn’t expecting such a slow paced TV show to be a part of this list. Kudos to the writers!


4. The Big Bang Theory


No.4 THIS IS THEIR SPOT! Sheldon and his crew are yet again successful in making people laugh their socks off. It’s the only comedy show that have reached this much height and popularity. Mainly because of the unique and funny characters in the show with special guests every now and then. 8 years and counting. Statistics says people are not at all getting enough of it.

3. The Walking Dead

YAY! This one is my personal favourite. Gore and violence. Who doesn’t enjoy that? But on a very serious note, this show is much beyond that. The show is not just about zombies and killings but also about surviving and unity. There’s suspense. There’s action… and there’s DARYL! What more could you ask for? Not to mention, people love talking about the show. The tease of people’s favourite character coming close to dying makes viewers talk even more. Responses are pretty hilarious if you visit the Facebook’s official TWD page.


2. Orange is the New Black

An extremely surprising entry into the list. Not taking anything from the show, but it started off with pretty average ratings all around. No one thought it’d become so popular in the coming days. May be it’s the unique idea what makes it stand out. Some pretty some not so pretty women in uniform inside a prison. To me, the show is like a roller coaster ride. At one point you find yourself cracking at every line and at another point you feel like crying for the character.


1. Game of Thrones

I don’t know about winters, but lots of Emmys are surely coming this way. With a tremendous rating of 9.5 on imdb, GOT continues to rule the TV world. George R. R. Martin is totally famous on Facebook for killing the characters so often. The finale of the show had more viewers than any other of its episode. It just keeps on getting better. Lord Tyrion’s speech demanding for ‘trial by combat’ was one of the most talked about scene and his acting was absolutely incredibly. I don’t see this show coming down the list any time soon.








Most Searched Words on Google 2014

All good things come to an end.

2014 has indeed been an amazing year. Lots of excitement, fun, controversies and most importantly curiosity. It’s believed that the highest amount of searches came this year which is obviously a good thing. Curiosity leads to knowledge. Let’s find out what were the most searched words on Google this year in ascending order.

10. Sochi Olympics

Also known as ‘XXII Olympic Winter Games held in Russia gained a lot of attention from the viewers all around the globe. The reason for such hype and viewer ship of this multi-sport event is that so many different countries participated. It was a huge start off to 2014. Especially for Russia, as they managed to secure 13 gold medals and a total of 36, leading by 7 to Norway.


Such a big event and no controversies? Of course not. Some say evil rituals were performed and some say insane amount of money was wasted but the one that got most attention was when a parliament’s member holding a sign ‘GAY IS OK’ got detained. Gay community found this extremely offensive. However, after a few months of slogans and protests the community decided to have no discrimination in the next Olympic games. In the end it turned out to be a very successful event, even though a lot of threats were received, but they just seems to be a routine work now a days.

9. Frozen

Some movies are worth spending money for. There is no doubt that this animated cartoon will go down as one of the masterpieces from Walt Disney pictures. Although, the movie was released on November 2013, it has such a hype that it continued trending in 2014. Frozen got successful in not only winning the ‘Best animated feature film‘ but also ‘Best original song‘ in academy awards. Frozen 2 Dicaprio 0.


From the soundtrack ‘Let it go’ to the happy-go-lucky snowman Olaf, Frozen has knocked on every door and regardless the age, everyone welcomed it with their open arms. Also, a good news for all the Frozen fans. It has been announced that next year an animated short sequel, Frozen Fever, will be released.

8. ISIS 

Abbreviated as, “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. Just another name for terrorists with beard. Almost every other country is indirectly waging war against them. A lot of killings and suicide bombings are believed to be done by this same group. Obviously everybody was going to look up on their search engines what this group really is when they hear on news. Let’s just hope that next year this won’t make it to the list.


7. Conchita Wurst

In 2014, the phrase ‘is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s Superman‘ changed into ‘is it a man? is it a woman? No it’s Conchita Wurst‘. The Austrian transgender singer made her name by winning the Eurovision Song contest 2014. It didn’t take much longer for people to search his(or her) name on Google to know the story behind.


The song ‘Rise like a pheonix’ got viral and in no time Conchita became a gay icon around the world. In many interviews he has openly spoken about his lifestyle quite openly. Also helped lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights getting heard.

6. Flappy Bird

One bird, millions stone. Millions of people downloaded, played and bragged about their scores on social networks. Talk about addiction. It’s known to be one of the most annoying and frustrating game ever and yet, played by so many. It’s a simple game of a bird trying to make it through (STUPID GREEN NEVER-ENDING PILLARS!).


Not many people know that this game was actually launched on May 2013. Believe it or not, this game was nothing but a failure. Not until January, it was, that people started playing it like crazies. Everyone competing with their friends and families, posting their scores online made it so popular that it made it to this list. Pure luck, I would say.

5. ALS Bucket Challenge

From Kim Kardashian to Bill Gates, I don’t think there is a single celebrity who didn’t complete the challenge and posted it online. It was an ingenious idea to raise awarness of  the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), where a person throws a bucket full of ice water on self, challenges someone else and (mostly) donates money to the cause.


The Challenge instigated large numbers of people, videos, and donations. The main idea of the challenge is to feel for a few seconds what the people with the disease are going through. Although, some would say that this challenge is more self-congratulatory. Even if it is, why would do we care? It is actually showing results. Think about them, not us!

4. Malaysian Airlines

One of the saddest highlight of 2014 was this one. Also, unusual. I mean, how often do you hear a plane going missing. A plane with, according to BBC, 227 passengers. The plane, MH370, went missing on 8th of March which is now believed to have ended up in seas far west of the Australian city of Perth. People all around the world took on the social networks to show their support with the families who lost their loved ones. Several vigils were held as hell.


3. Ebola

Ebola has scared the hell of everyone (Especially Americans). It spread from West Africa to United States and got it’s first confirmation through a patient who died on 8th October. Origin of Ebola is yet unsure and scientists have still not given one solid cause of the virus. However, it has been advised to stay away from infected animals and body fluids

Ebola Screening Starts At O'Hare Airport

2. World Cup

Football is undoubtedly watched and played around the world. The crazy went even higher as the World Cup approached. Every single goal being celebrated, every single foul being debated made this to the to second in this list. Interesting thing is, fans of World Cup matches were not just limited to their own national teams. Mostly fans from league football, in support of their star players cheered for his team as well. Be it Brazil, be it Bangladesh. World Cup chants were made all around. In the end, Germany sealed the deal. Thanks to Mario Gotze’s screamer in the extra time. In fact, Germany’s triumph over Argentina became the most-watched “soccer” match ever in US.


1. Robin Williams

Most famously known for his work in Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, Jumanji and Night at the Museum, Robin Williams was a heart-warmer. Over the years, he won several awards and quite possibly had everything in life that one could ask for. Maybe just maybe, except for happiness. A guy who could have put a smile on Hitler’s face, if given a chance, committed suicide. The morning headline shocked the world and fans broke the internet expressing their emotions.
One last time for old times sake, It’d be a treat to watch his final movie yet to be released ‘Night At the Museum 2’.


R.I.P Genie! We all love you.

Most Talked About Topics on Facebook in Year 2014

The most famous social media platform Facebook has revealed the list of the topics its users have been talking about in 2014. The list is altogether different when it comes to genre. There are happy moments and then there are some tragedies that happened throughout 2014.



1- Scottish Referendum

The most talked about subject on Facebook. On 18 September 2014 people in Scotland voted in a Referendum to remain in the United Kingdom or leave it. The voters were asked to answer with Yes or No for the question Should Scotland be an independent country? Citizens who wanted to stay with the United Kingdom won, with 2,001,926 (55.3%) voting against independence and 1,617,989 (44.7%) voting in favor. The turnout of 84.6% was the highest recorded for an election or referendum in the United Kingdom. So the Royal Kingdom remains United after all.


2- Ice Bucket Challenge

The second most talked about subject on Facebook which went viral in the summers of 2014. Participants who were nominated were supposed to dump a bucket full of icy cold water onto themselves and get it all on a video within 24 hours of being nominated. This challenge started by gaining popularity from American Football and some other sports. The icy cold challenge included people from daily walks of life including well-known athletes, celebrities, and politicians

 fifa-world-cup3- The World Cup

FiFa World cup 2014 held in Brazil was a huge success, many fan favorite teams performed poorly where as many teams who were the underdogs shocked fans around the world by winning critical matches. After a month of hardcore football, two giants Argentina and Germany came face to face in the final where Germany was the better team and won the cup.

 Manchester City v West Ham United - Premier League

 4- Premier League title race

The battle was long and hard fought but there could be only one winner, Liverpool was bested by Manchester City to win the title! Discussed madly on Facebook by the Englishmen with millions of comments, pictures, videos, shares and likes.


5- Conflict in Gaza

Literally one of the worst happenings of 2014 was this conflict where more than 2000 innocent people lost their lives by the hands of cruel and merciless animals known as the Israeli’s. The war between Palestine and Israel caused huge collateral damage to both sides but Gaza Cleary suffered more serious consequences.


6- Robin Williams

A long career notable for comical, improvisational comedy and deeply felt acting performances came to a sad ending. The loss of such a legendary man cannot simply be put into words. The death of Robin McLaurin Williams shocked the world.


7- Louis van Gaal takes over at Manchester United

Louis Van Gaal was confirmed to replace David Moyes as the new manager for Manchester United on 19 May 2014. This quickly went viral on social media and people started discussing this subject on Facebook by the millions.


8- Ebola outbreak

One of the deadliest virus known to man without a possible cure claimed more than 5000 lives. Highly discussed subject on Facebook also gained attention Mark Zuckerberg, who has donated $25 million to support relief efforts.


9- Champions League final

Real Madrid won their 10th European Cup by winning the UEFA Champions league final in 2014. Football fans around the world discussed this hot topic on Facebook throughout the tournament.


10- First World War Centenary

Commemorating the fallen soldiers of the First World War, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red next to the Tower of London has 888,246 ceramic red poppies, each intended to represent one British or Colonial serviceman killed in the War.


11- Brazilian Elections

Brazil’s elections inspired 346 million comments, shares, likes, posts and other online exchanges on Facebook, going on record as the most talked about in the social network’s history beating the previous record of Indian Elections.


12- Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the most unlucky airline in the world with so much loss in very little time period. This topic was discussed on Facebook after the tragedy happened this year. First the disappearance of flight MH370 and then after four months flight MH17 was shot down.


13- Super Bowl

Super bowl has always been one of the biggest events of the year. The sports based in the USA has made it a hot topic of discussion, shares and comments on Facebook because more than 128 million visit Facebook every day.


14- Michael Brown/Ferguson

Death of Michael Brown enraged many people throughout the globe when he was shot in Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson. Though the community is still protesting and blaming the officer for using deadly force on a child but the grand jury has decided not to charge the officer for murder.


15- Sochi Winter Olympics

The winter games being dubbed as the most extravagant winter Olympics ever was a fine event indeed. Almost 50 billion euros were spent on the event to make it a high success. Even the Russians even had enough confidence after the success to poke fun at their Opening Ceremony Olympic Ring failure.

 So these were the most talked about events and topics on Facebook for year 2014. We will have to wait a whole year to find out the happenings of the coming year, hoping there would be more happy occasions, more success stories and more peace prevailing throughout the globe.


Source: HuffingPost