Pepsi Twitter Doodle Activity #ExcitingAbhi

Pepsi is back with some new excitement for you. Pepsi Pakistan is now making your meals exciting with its new #ExcitingAbhi campaign. This is the first time any brand is doing this with instantly responding to its audiences. This real time activity is making your normal meals yummy with pepsi. Pepsi brought on board one of the most prominent online artist, Shahzaib Hussain from Shahzaib Hussain Art for this campaign where twitter fans were asked to upload a photo of their meal and pepsi would make it exciting for them.

This fun activity engaged twitter audience with pepsi, bringing them closer. Every time a twitter fan would upload a photo of their meal, pepsi #ExcitingAbhi would make it delicious with its super cool doodle and represent the same meal with pepsified version.
doodle 1

doodle 2





It didn’t matter what kind of meal was shared, pepsi would pepsify any kind of meal making it exciting. Twitter fans loved the doodle activity and they ended up loving Pepsi even more.

Pepsi doodle activity was top trending all across Pakistan.  It achieved a staggering 23 million impressions during the activity.

Exciting-Abhi-Activity (20)


Pepsi Emoji Campaign Launch. #SayItWithPepsi

The long awaited Pepsi Emoji is finally in Pakistan. You need to know regarding jogos de bingo gratis maquinas. Started from Canada, then Thailand & US now it has come to Pakistan to for its customers. The over whelming response is expected and Pakistanis are about to given a chance to #SayItWithPepsi.
In June 2014, Pepsi Canada associated itself with Pepsi emoji which turned out to be the best. The campaign is running in different counties ever since, and now it has come to Pakistan. The campaign has a diverse set to attract all the youth related to it. The emoji has something for everyone.  The witty mood humor gets you in the mood to Live It Abhi. Every exciting, fun emoji has a meaning and Pepsi has adapted each and every feeling and we can’t wait to see more.



Emojis have always been a part of our lives, every conversation no matter what but it would always have an emoji to express the feeling. And Pepsi is making it even more exciting by giving the fans a better way to express their feelings with #SayItWithPepsi.
Pepsi being the pioneer to take such a big step and take it to the global level. And every country every culture has its own emojis. That’s the best part.

If Pepsi is making you feel proud for your culture and has given you new platforms to express yourself through #PepsiEmoji then say something! Pepsi would love to hear from you more about your best emoji and don’t hesitate, suggest some new ones.
I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a PepsiEmoji bottle. Hope they hit the market soon!

The Bonfire Song by 7Up Featuring Aima Baig

7up has done it again! It has proved that winter is no fun without 7up. Pakistanis have a great love for winters and 7up has made it even more thrilling with its latest video song featuring Aima Baig.  Bonfire nights are very common in winters, with bar- be- que and some music of your choice, but there was always something missing:



7up has filled this gap and has proved to be the best drink, no matter what weather it is. There is no better way to enjoy BBQ. This is the first time any beverage has taken the initiative to launch a video song for winters.


Rising to fame through the Summer Wine cover, Aima Baig is the perfect choice to represent the brand in this song. The video song shows the perfect combination of cold winter night with a chilled bottle of 7Up. Surprisingly, the song is as catchy as the 7Up jingle itself, potentially the it song for this season #7UpWinters

This original song is created and composed exclusively for 7Up. The video has shown the ambiance for an amazing winter night, with a bunch of cool friends enjoying their BBQ with Aima Baig’ s live singing and the bonfire. Well isn’t a bonfire night everyone’s favorite past time in winters? It’s one of my favorite thing to do in winters J This is why I believe that 7Up is targeting people like me, the youth of Pakistan who loves to hang out with bunch of their friends with a sizziling bonfire!

On top of all of it, #7UpWinters also has a surprise competition waiting for its fans with some giveaways, so stay connected via #7UpWinters and never miss a thing.



Hearts are Replacing Twitter Favorites

You can say a lot with a heart! Twitter has changed its favorite to heart; the most iconic feature is now changed. You won’t be seeing a star anymore. Instead there is a heart exactly where you found a star. The hearts are also available on Vine’s apps and websites.
Likes work in the same way as favorites; the idea behind the change is to make twitter easier and more pleasing to use. Product manager Akarshan Kumar say: “The stars could be confusing to new users.”

He also said You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite. The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones. The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.”



Tap the heart and see what happens. People love the new improved feature. Heart conveys a positive message. Many users were not clear what favorite meant on twitter.

We can like million things in a day by just tapping on the small heart shaped icon underneath the tweet. It is also good for marketing purposes; analyzing campaign results and quantifying them will be easy now.

Twitter had been experimenting with the hearts for quite a long time now; the feature was first introduced on Android in summers which later reached IOS. The response was positive. The new feature is now officially showing on Twitter, Android, IOS and Windows 10 apps since 3rd Novemeber, 2015.



What are your comments? Do you like them?