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Social Media Marketing

  Integrated Marketing Approach
  Branding & Communication Solution
  Increases Organic Reach
  Encourages Engagement
  Recommended for Busy Entrepreneurs, Exclusive Products & Services

Business Development

  Business Planning & Execution
  Research & Development Support
  Personal Assistance Services
  Customer Support
  Recommended for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Corporate Employees.


  Original Keyword-targeted posts
  Attractive High-end Images
  Desired Themes & Topics
  Latest Trends & Happenings
  Both in UK & USA English.

Facebook Marketing

  Targeted Campaigning
  Boosting specific segment
  Periodic ads with goals
  Increase in organic reach & likes
  Converting leads to sales
  Personal contact on messages

Linkedin Management

  Relationship Management
  One-on-one communication
  Publishing content on LinkedIn Pulse
  Linkedin Influencer
  Targeted groups & page maintenance

Website Design

  Logo Designing
  Website Theme Curation
  Responsive Design Implementation
  Optional Wordpress Theme Designs
  Complimentary coverphoto & DP for social networks
  Recommended for Startups, Products & Organizations

Public Relations

  Targeted Campaigning on 5 social networks
  Reputation Management
  Newsletters Curation
  Publicity in desired geographical segment
  Personal contact on Messages
  Recommended for Celebrites & other famous people

Website Maintenance

  Content Management
  Technical Troubleshooting
  Regular Backups
  Security Updates
  Recommended for busy business owners & organizations.
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