Emerging role of Digital Marketer & Chief Marketing Technologist

That time is long gone when marketing wasn’t linked with technology.

Do you know? It was predicted in 2012 by Gartner that by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than its chief information officer.   

Now roles like digital strategist or social media marketer are of utmost importance now.

CMT-coverWith latest technological advancements, we are noticing new roles related to marketing in this digital age. Chief Marketing Technologist is one of them.

What exactly is Chief Marketing Technologist?

“A chief marketing technologist (CMT) is a C-level executive who sets a technology vision for the marketing team that aligns with business goals.”



According to HBR, CMTs are part marketers, part creative directors, part leader and part teacher who set the technology vision of your organization. I personally believe it to be a new term coined to the previous role of digital marketer. It was a much needed distinction which was building a gap between the tasks that digital marketers can do. Capture

Software has been the chief medium for carrying out the marketing activities wherein digital marketers build the brand messages, spread them globally and also engage with the audience. The numbers on annual digital budget are increasing exponentialy.

Yet I feel hesitance in many towards adopting this holistic approach. How long will it take for other organizations to realise that by neglecting to invest in digital marketing, they are putting a block on a bigger chunk of their target market?


Let’s see how things will be after next 5 years or so..


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2 thoughts on “Emerging role of Digital Marketer & Chief Marketing Technologist

  1. Hi Nabeha,

    I think this is an important trend. I am surprised though that two of my best clients with an awesome experience in Digital Strategy and Marketing have not found jobs in Switzerland yet. Are we taking into account that digital is not at the same stage everywhere in the world? Do you have any tips for them how they could work from home across the globe. If so, please share.

    • Hi Angie,

      Thank you for your comment. I can feel it myself that the scope of digital marketer isn’t consistent worldwide. What we’ve got to focus is that a lot of people DO need digital marketers for branding, but they don’t know about it yet. The most difficult task here is to make them realise about the need… once they do then ofcourse it is possible to handle social media marketing projects from home. I will suggest them to expand their network. Networking is the key to getting to know those in need and then convincing them that you are the right person for the job.

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