Are you stuck in mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis?

living_in_a_bubble_by_hoodiebear-d4vfoorThere comes a time in our life when we get caught in the middle of something big which is about to happen..

We can see clearly where we are heading but there are six/seven more steps which we have to climb before reaching it..

It’s a lot of hard work and all we want to do is just stop to rest little bit.. 2 days of procrastination won’t harm that much right?

This mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis is what I am going to talk about today. When I was at that stage, I felt like nothing will matter till I spend at least 3 years working on gaining experience. That feeling of ‘spending certain time at a particular stage to fulfil our role’

You know what? I was wrong!

We see a ladder of success with many steps but only few out of those are actual steps. Rest are imaginary! 

I don’t know why our traditional teachers taught us this?  It’s completely possible to be successful after just taking one or two steps.

Why realise it late and then regret in old age??  

Do following thinking when you are stuck at mid-something-big-about-to-happen crisis:

  • Analyse where you are standing right now.
  • Think about different ways to reach where you want to be.
  • Be daring enough to challenge yourself with tasks which you feel you might not be able to do yet.
  • Show transparency when discussing your goals & actual outcomes.
  • Remember there are bigger threats to our human kind than the issues that you are facing so be strong! Don’t let one failure bring you down.
  • Try to pretend to be a shield which can take criticism without losing self confidence.

Come out of the bubble you live in.. as it’s only out of comfort zone where we actually start living!

Strength.. in real life

We’ve all seen movies in which it takes one life changing event for a guy to fix everything in his life.. It takes him 2 hours of courage and strength to change his life forever..

But what about real life?

When we live our life day by day.. Things like death seems very distant. We live one day at a time and often ponder about how we want our life to be in near future. What we don’t realise is that we might not be physically strong at that point of time. Family, love, work... all the novelties quickly become habits. 

The strength that is crucial to survive in this age is the one by which you wake up every day, perform your daily tasks and actually stand up for those who you love. No therapy or yoga can teach you how to gain this strength. It only comes from within yourself when you accept that only you can take control of your life and no one else.


I’ve read about many mindfulness techniques and programmes which are known to change your life with a magical trick (only after you deposit few dollars ofcourse). I’ve seen people spending half of their lives in just trying to learn how to magically deal with painful thoughts or difficult feelings. Sadly, these are nothing more than placebo effect (which works for many of us!)

Only life can teach us this art to live, smile and also support others, even when you feel overwhelmed inside. Since the day I realized that only I am ultimate source of happiness, I stopped clinging on other remedies.

Think about it. If you being the supreme species can’t figure out what’s wrong inside you, how can others (who are exactly like you), transform you into superman?

Don’t fall for scams..

Trust yourself..

Trust your instincts and stop clinging on meaningless things.

I know it’s hard to believe that you can survive alone when you are alone in desert  but that palm tree which you are clinging on to, won’t make your journey any easy. It will actually stop you from moving forward… decreasing any chances of possible survival.