Social-Media Sources of Testimonials for Your Business

Every good organization has a page dedicated to testimonials by consumers so that every person who opens the website can read about the products benefits and their awesomeness. People usually read these testimonials to make up their minds about the products and services, whether they satisfy everyone’s needs and wants. These testimonials are reviews from those people who have used the products and services.


Let us have a look how social media can help you boost your business buy getting feedback from people in the form of positive testimonials.

Facebook Reviews

Now a days every company maintains a Facebook page because it is the best source of free marketing and advertising of products and services. Companies put up their products with images and gather information from customers and consumers, any positive reviews are then shifted to the company website on the testimonials page. When you set up your company page with Facebook, it automatically gives you the option of reviews. You can share your products and services on your timeline or share it publicly so that people can view it for a feedback.

YouTube Video Reviews

Everyone has heard that a Picture is worth a Thousand Words! What about a Video? Sounds interesting right. What if your customers use your products and services and the post a video review for those products and services? It will definitely give your business a great boost because people tend to watch videos more rather than reading a long paragraph. So you can always give a start-up line and then post the video link in your testimonials or even you can make a separate tab for video reviews which will make finding the required product video testimonial easy for new customers. Another option is you can make your own companies YouTube official page and ask people to give reviews about the products they have used. Then you can favorite the most positive ones and share on your company website.

LinkedIn Recommendations

when you run a company you have many employees who work with their clients on your behalf. This can benefit you because the individual employees if working excellently, can gather recommendations from their clients which in turn you can use on your testimonials page on company website. People can always visit the company profile and employee page on LinkedIn for the authenticity of the recommendation and testimonial. More employees leads to more recommendations.

Twitter Tweets

Using twitter to gather recommendations is very healthy for your business. You can hashtag your company name and its products and keep monitoring the re-tweets and which tweets are favorite. You can ask people to tweet anything that relevant to your company and products, this way your business will have more marketing and lead to new customers and target market.

Google Alerts

One of the best ways to keep track of what people are saying about your company and products. Not everyone who uses your products and services comes and writes about it on your official social media pages or company profile. Many people use private blogs to review products which sometimes go unnoticed by the company. You can set up Google alerts by mentioning your name, your company name, your products and services so that whenever someone is writing about your products you get an immediate alert about it.

The most important thing about reviews and testimonials is that with good you also get bad. You cannot always monitor your public pages and forums and maybe someone writes something negative about your company’s product behind your back. What to do in that case, you should respond to it positively and try to solve the problem because this will portray an image about you and your company that you care about your customers and you will never abandon them.

When in Doubt…Say NO!

Making people happy shouldn’t always be the highest of all priorities!

During a long life full of struggles and setbacks, success and growth I have learned that saying “No” to someone can be very hard. But, if you are an entrepreneur and running your own business, sometimes you have to say “No” and it’s for your own betterment. So you are starting a new business, welcoming every opportunity coming your way thinking on a scale of 1 to 10 what would be the worst thing that could happen! Right? I would say wrong! There are countless things that could go wrong if you start saying yes to everything coming your way! With too many opportunities you will over-committed, exhausted all the time, productivity will be less, too much pressure from all the clients and your social life would be dull and boring.

Learning how to say a two letter measly word can be very hard for someone who cares about others! But once in a while you have to step out of your comfort zone and say “No” to someone. This is not something negative, but only a way for you to protect something of yours. By saying “No” you are doing a favor to yourself because you will have more time and effort for opportunities that really are for your benefit.


Here are 6 steps you need to focus on when you are saying “No” to someone. One can find more information about jogos de casino gratis caça niqueis.

1. Stay positive: When an opportunity presents itself to you, think about it. Way in the pro’s and con’s. Even if you are just starting a new business, or you are an experienced entrepreneur, prioritizing opportunities will have a positive impact on your business and growth. This way you will focus on only those projects which are important to you. So saying “No” to an opportunity is not that bad.

2. Importance of events and opportunities: Aim for better opportunities, balance the events when you work on any project. Make a list for the goals and objectives you have decided for yourself and your future as an entrepreneur.

3. If you can sell something, don’t throw it: Even if you are a successful entrepreneur and some of clients ask you for any favor like, advance payment for the shipment, adjusting for late shipments, you do sometimes oblige and make them happy. This is a humanely thing to do but, in the end only you and your business will suffer for this act of kindness. To avoid a situation like this you need to set tight deadlines so that your clients know how to work under you.

4. Decline very politely: Saying “No” is very difficult. People consider you rude or too proud or might think you are above them. So you have to practice how to politely decline someone’s request by saying “No, Sorry” to your friends or family. By doing this you will gain confidence and handle things well at business.

5. Prioritize Clientele: When you start working with a client, prepare yourself for the tensions and personality conflicts. Try to avoid those clients who you think might give you trouble in near future or those clients with whom you will have a difference of opinion. You can refer them to someone else you know or u can just say “No” to them politely before even starting a project with them.

6. When in doubt, Say “No”. You will become a wise Entrepreneur: While you start your new business and an opportunity presents itself to you, you need to think long term growth and if there is a slight chance of wastage of time or money or for that matter your effort, then you should pass on that opportunity on a positive note that you will definitely the best replica watches in the world get another chance at success. This will not only build your character strong but also make you a better entrepreneur.

When you say “No” to someone you should know why you are saying “No”. When someone asks you of a favor and you don’t want to oblige, politely refuse the request, not the person. After saying “No” explain why you said it in the first place and also be appreciative of the request made because your employees, clients, investors believe in you and trust you that’s why they ask you for favors. In the end always remember that by saying “No’ to someone you are saying “Yes” to yourself.

Any Other Day In A Life Of Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs are no ordinary people”


We all have read this line so many times that we have started to look for something out of ordinary when we think about being an entrepreneur..

Truth is that they are no aliens. They are all normal people who have absolutely no idea what to do most of the times.. The only quality that differentiates them is their power of thinking out of the box!

They are the risk takers. They listen to everyone but do what they themselves wanna do. They can’t be inspired easily because of the stubbornness they possess over what they think to be absolute.

That's what I am talking about..
That’s what I am talking about..

How do I know? If they were like any other person, they would’ve been inspired by people owning big cars, working for multinationals.  We all know that the concept of entrepreneurship is still not understood by many. They consider new entrepreneurs bit better than jobless people, but never equivalent to directors of big companies. Especially in Asian countries, the perception of entrepreneurs is very degrading. Yet, there are many success stories…

That’s the thing!

Even they are never sure if they will be eventually successful? or if they will never be able to achieve their goals. In spite of the uncertainty, they spend their days on hope that one day their dreams won’t look unrealistic and keep working hard and experiment till they get there.

I consider entrepreneurs “daring”. Those I will love to have a cup of coffee with, because I know I can learn something from each one of them! 🙂


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