Dear Entrepreneurs – Insecurity, Jealousy & Backstabbing will not take you too far.

2I often come across fellows who are struggling to do something big. They are actually good human beings but despite trying hard, they don’t reach anywhere. I used to wonder the reason for it but then one day I confronted such a man in my life. I like to call them ‘the white sheep’ among us.

I consider myself lucky in business so far. I know I can work smart and am awfully calm in things others mostly panic about. My belief is that other person’s success or failure shouldn’t affect me in any way. Thankfully, they don’t.

In fact, you will often find me tagging my fellow mates businesses and promoting them shamelessly on my social network profiles. I believe that if I have a voice that can reach few, my fellow entrepreneurs deserve a shout out for working so hard. In short, I have no competitors. I only compete with me. Neither my goal is to be a millionaire overnight, I am grateful with the profit every month and am in a bliss that I enjoy what I do. It comes naturally to me.

Now about those white sheep, I know that they work harder than me in many aspects. They think more, plan more, obsess more and read more but due the insecurity that they live with, they don’t execute much. If you take a stand on behalf of them, they panic. They feel like what if that person can do it better that we could’ve done it. They’ve a block in their mind which calls for defending their right to do things a certain way in which they don’t want help. They think that they are the best so any help that they can get can actually take away the credit from them.

I feel sad for them but I don’t pity them. I know they can do so much once they make their mind. I also know that they can actually change the world but as long as they play solo, they are entangled in the never-ending loop. Watch them carefully. They can turn the tables upside down but they can also demotivate you in the process of your success.

If you are the white sheep, I’ve following suggestions for you:

– Not everyone is your competitor, some are there to support you as well. Let them in

– You can’t be the Jack of all trades. Try to hire experts in other fields to help you along.

– It’s okay to do things without thinking for 2 years. Try to execute more and plan less.

– In the end, giving will make you bigger. It will not shrink you further. Try to give where possible. In terms of knowledge or acceptance.

Entrepreneurship over Job? How to do it right Mr.Steve Jobs?


Difference between Entrepreneurship & Job:

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or other organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model, acquires the human and other required resources, and is fully responsible for its success or failure.
A group of homogeneous tasks related, by the similarity of functions performed by an employee in an exchange for pay is Job. Employees working for an organization or a company are hired for different jobs.

So it’s a choice between Job and Entrepreneurship then, which one is better?
As we all know, some of us excel in corporate environments; while others excel in the entrepreneurial arena. Climbing the corporate ladder is not an easy task. On the corporate side, majority of the workers do not feel engaged or inspired at their jobs and feel that they are not reaching their full potential. Many employees are not “satisfied” with their current career in the corporate arena. Entrepreneurship is certainly not the easiest task either. On the entrepreneurial side, an entrepreneur’s life may be riddled with ambiguity, long hours, sacrifice, and setbacks.

Let’s have a look at some of the Pros and Cons of leaving a Job for Entrepreneurship.


• You can devote all of your time to your new endeavour.
• One of the biggest changes you must get used to when starting your own business is the fact that you now make your own schedule.
• Without a boss or manager to assign tasks to you, it’s up to you to decide what needs to be done and in what order.
• Entrepreneurs have vision. They understand the big picture and every aspect of a business.


• It can be a drastic change if you don’t have enough cash to see you through the early stages.
• When you first start out, you will probably have to work more hours than a typical employee.
• If work list is not prioritized, there is chance you might waste time on useless tasks.
• When you run the business, however, everything falls on your shoulders. This means that excuses of any kind won’t do you any good.

Here are a few very specific things that up-and-comers can learn from Steve Jobs’ example:22-young-steve-jobs-apple

1. Customer experience should be centre of attention. Steve Jobs was a master at getting into customers minds. He knew what a potential customer and how he wanted it.
2. Have an eye for beauty and detail. It was not possible to just work well but it had to look perfect as well. Steve Jobs always knew that the products had to feel superior to touch, the products should be amusing and user friendly to use and be remarkably beautiful to look at so that customers stay focused on the product at all the times.
3. Promote innovation. There was a time when products like an iPhone and iPad where not even present in the thoughts of people. Steve Jobs decided to be innovative, so he created products which became the central point of our lives and now the world cannot even imagine living without these products.
4. Persevere brilliance. Steve Jobs wanted his colleagues and workers to have a broad vision while working and have an innovative best replica watches and open mind to not miss even the tiniest of the details. He kept motivating people around him so that they can perform up to their maximum levels.
In the end if there is one significant thing to learn from Steve Jobs is, customers are very important and all the focus should be on them.

It is a very important decision, to make the transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur gradually or rapidly, one thing is certain that eventually one has to adjust to a totally different set of rules and regulations. It will probably take some time to fully accept the changes on both sides, whichever is the focus. To face this challenge one can always be prepared before hand by learning from others experience or listening to veteran entrepreneurs. One should keep in mind that there are also some other important lessons that will be leaned by going through the transitioning. Finally according to my research it is a great idea to leave a job and go ahead with entrepreneurship.

Did you also left your job for your own business? How’s it going so far? Any tips for newbies out there?

Please comment.

Any Other Day In A Life Of Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs are no ordinary people”


We all have read this line so many times that we have started to look for something out of ordinary when we think about being an entrepreneur..

Truth is that they are no aliens. They are all normal people who have absolutely no idea what to do most of the times.. The only quality that differentiates them is their power of thinking out of the box!

They are the risk takers. They listen to everyone but do what they themselves wanna do. They can’t be inspired easily because of the stubbornness they possess over what they think to be absolute.

That's what I am talking about..
That’s what I am talking about..

How do I know? If they were like any other person, they would’ve been inspired by people owning big cars, working for multinationals.  We all know that the concept of entrepreneurship is still not understood by many. They consider new entrepreneurs bit better than jobless people, but never equivalent to directors of big companies. Especially in Asian countries, the perception of entrepreneurs is very degrading. Yet, there are many success stories…

That’s the thing!

Even they are never sure if they will be eventually successful? or if they will never be able to achieve their goals. In spite of the uncertainty, they spend their days on hope that one day their dreams won’t look unrealistic and keep working hard and experiment till they get there.

I consider entrepreneurs “daring”. Those I will love to have a cup of coffee with, because I know I can learn something from each one of them! 🙂


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