5 Easy Steps to Create Content That Others Remember

We read so many blogposts in a day, out of which only 10% is what we remember that too for ONLY next two days.. 

With million of blogs, e-magazines and social network updates.. It’s really hard to make your content stand out. The crux of it will be:

  • Present the main idea in the very start so that the reader’s attention is towards the content throughout.
  • Be outspoken! Readers like to read straight forward people who say things outrightly without toning it down.
  • Be precise and to the point so that the readers don’t get bored with the content.
  • Talk like you will with your best buddies. No need to go all formal when it comes to writing!

10841470_833108843398393_438351683_n1- Keeping the Content as Concise as Possible: Studies have shown that readers don’t usually read all the content and skim through for important ideas and points. Get to the point as quickly as possible because the readers tend to get bored if they have to read long sentences and paragraphs. Cut out unnecessary information by providing the main points. Always use easy-to-understand English, shorter sentences, words which are spoken on daily basis and also use those phrases which are very common.

2- Use of Heading: Makes it easier to look for what we want. Headings helps us compartmentalize the information, thus making it simple to process all the information. Remember! While using headings use simple words so that readers can skim through the content and directly search for what they need information about.

3- Highlighting important points into italics and bold: By doing this, it will catch the reader’s attention. Important points and information can be converted into italics and bold so that they stand out in the paragraph and gain attention immediately. Another important tip is to break the paragraph into bullet points, because it looks good and readers tend to read bullet point rather reading a whole paragraph.

4- Information should be prominent: The reason is, web is based on information and people look for relevant information while searching online. We have to provide relevant information about what the reader is looking for. Readers who use the web for content reading behave differently from the readers who use books and printed content. If the content doesn’t provide specific information as per reader’s requirements then the content is of no use.

5- Visuals should be used Cleverly: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Using visuals and graphic images can really help boost the content because pictures and images tend to attract people more that words and sentences. But make sure that the pictures used in the content must support the text otherwise they are meaningless and useless.