What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Harry Potter Books


… (Spoiler Alert: Not Magic)


World is full of muggles. To be an entrepreneur, you have got to have what it takes to run into platform 9¾ brick wall. You don’t need a Hogwarts invitation. You just need to believe in yourself.

Entrepreneurship is all about how persistent and passionate you are. You and you alone will be responsible for your success and failure. Which is not a bad thing because if you fail, you will only have to dust yourself off and get back up again without having to blame someone else. Whereas, If you succeed, you won’t have to share it with someone else. All credit is to you. Just like our dear friend, Harry Potter in the book “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire“, he gets criticized and blamed through out the competitions. However, as he starts to show his potential and his bravery, everybody starts to back him up. In the end, we all know who won the trophy. I am again going to emphasize on two words. ‘Persistence and Passion‘.


There is no door in entrepreneurship which cannot be unlocked.

Whatever idea you have, you can implement on it. Just like Harry needs his potions and magic skills, in the world of entrepreneurship, you need to have your own secret idea. No matter how small it is. As your business will grow, your idea will too. As the great Dumbledore once said and I quote It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

Moving on, you may be wondering how much investment you will have to put in the business but here’s the thing; You need nothing but a small room and a laptop to start off. If required, you can hire yourself a few staff. It’s always good to have a few helping hands. Just like Ron and Hermoine, they came very handy in some extremely crucial stages. However, at the end of the day, it’s all you.

You are the one to get your hands on the philosopher’s alone-cool-girl-harry-potter-inspiration-Favim.com-217193stone.

Harry is always aware of his competitors and never for a second he lets his guard down. So shouldn’t you. An entrepreneur have got to keep an eye on his competition and always try to provide something better and unique in the market. That’s how you keep an upper hand on others and keep them quiet.

Shut up, Malfoy!

Unlike Professor Snape, you can’t hold grudges with others, even if you have been hurt by others. There may come a time when you suffer loss by probably trusting some other individual BUT you can’t use this as an excuse for giving up.
Persistence, once again. Be smart and always think of yourself first. You can’t always be soft.
This is the only place where I’d say you think like ‘The One Who Must Not Be Named‘.


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