Twitter… Open for Business

‘Words have power’… and so does Twitter. It has a power of trending topics all over the world like how a virus spreads into a system. But the question is, how can Twitter help you grow your business? Well, that’s what we intend to find out in this blog. Following are the ways how Twitter can come handy.


1. Reaching out to people:

Initially, you have to be really patient with Twitter. Keep tweeting and engage as many followers as you can. There will come a time when your tweets will be seen in the countries you won’t have ever heard of. That’s how you can promote your business. The more the people hear about your business/product, the more success you’re going to achieve on it.

2. Keeping an eye on your competition:

As the famous saying goes ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer‘. You can track down all your competitors and always know what they are up to. Once they start promoting a certain offer, you could come up with something better and have an upper hand on them.

3. Interacting with followers:

Promoting your business is not anything like a commercial or a billboard advertisement. Here you get to interact with people. Everyone loves it when they can directly talk to a person and ask questions.


4. Improving through feedback:

It’s always good to know what people actually think of your product or offer. This provides a room for improvement. Also, you can know what others are liking most about your product/offer so you could focus more on that and promote it further.

5. Using Twitter Basics | Twitter for Business

Twitter itself acknowledges the importance of Twitter for a businessman. Therefore, they have an entire separate site for you to create a profile for your business by using your bio, photos and all the information that you want to share with the whole world about your business. You can then go on and build a content strategy which will obviously result in growing and engaging more followers.

6. Go Viral!

One thing that I mentioned at the start of this article was how trending can spread around like a virus. You just need to click with the audience. Then sit back, relax and watch the people promote for you. It’ll be like having a thousand of employee promoting your business for you.


Twitter is probably the most powerful source of media these days without a shadow of a doubt. Tweets can INDEED make a difference. That’s one of the reason why it is encouraged in every business to make a use of Twitter and increase the market of it. However if you believe it can affect your business in any negative way or there is another medium alternative to Twitter, feel free to comment. We love to be challenged!