Best Social Networks for Music

Music is eternal. From cassatte tapes to itunes, medium has changed but the music has remained (That totally rhymed!). Unlike before, when people had to go through their whole collection of records for just one particular song, these days you are halfway typing the song’s name away before the search engine predicts you the song. There’s a high competition between social networks site for providing the best platform for music listeners and even musicians. Let’s break it down to which one is infact ‘The Best Social Network for Music‘.



1. YouTube

The first site that comes to your mind when you are looking for a particular video song is definitely YouTube. Almost every single artist, famous or not, has got an account there where they get to showcase their talent. However, even after all the pros, there is this one con which overshadows all of it, which is YouTube is full of videos about almost everything in the world. You search for “How to plug in USB” and there’s a good chance you might find a tutorial for that too. Point is, with so much in one place, you cannot exactly call it the best social network for “Music”.

2. Reverbnation

This site is more like a community, where all the artists get together and share their talent. Even though the site provides us with download and buying link, it does not really get used that much. The reason behind it is that music listeners are not encouraged to search for popular songs here. Underground? Maybe. However, it is linked to Facebook in a very cool way, which by the way is next in this blog.

3. Facebook

With 2.2 billion active users, Facebook was undoubtedly going to become a very popular place for musicians as well. All the artists took no time getting their accounts verified since the day this feature was announced. Not only famous artists, but too many underground artists and composers have taken the advantage of Facebook’s popularity to get their music heard. However, from a listener’s point of view, it is not really a good place to be at. It might be easy to find your favourite artist but not the song. Above all, the famous artists usually leave their YouTube’s link on Facebook, using this place just for advertising. YouTube 1 Facebook 0


4. iTunes

SAY NO TO PIRACY!” This site screams these words. All the artists puts up, usually their entire albums, for sale. Listeners or more like fans, download and listen to them, keeping their favourite artist in profit. So obviously not really an ideal place for an underground artist. Also, iTunes focuses mainly on apple users which of course is not really a good thing for non-apple users.

5. Soundcloud

Saved the last for best. Soundcloud is the best social network for music. Whether you are a famous artist, underground artist or even a bathroom singer, you can upload your songs or music quite easily and connect your account to Facebook for the whole world to listen. Its search engine hardly ever lets you down because people uploads all sorts of music. Not only that but the optional ‘download’ feature lets a user keep the song forever into their collection i.e if the uploader allows you to. One could easily argue that there are no rules on copyrights but hey.. there’s nothing much we can do about it can we? So yeah, Soundcloud is definitely the best social network site for music, hands down!

SoundCloud (1)

6. ‘Others

Sites like Spotify, Rhapsody, Grooveshark, Pandora e.t.c  are not really different from each other. All has got their own pros and cons. One of biggest cons of which is when it displays “Not available in your country“. Like seriously? How racist of them.

If by any chance there is a better social network music site just floating out there on the internet, we would love to know about it. So comment below if you think otherwise. Also like and share the post if you agree with everything said above.