Oh you are dying? Let’s take a selfie quickly!

What Is A Selfie?

It’s a self portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand held digital camera or mobile phone.

But who don’t know that? Oxford officially named ‘Selfie’ the word of the year in 2013!

We live in that digital age where even a 3 year old respond to word selfie by…. “pouting”.

Mobile companies are also cashing in on the selfie trend.

Is The Selfie Disorder Fake or Real?


All of a sudden, everyone started sharing about the announcement made by American Psychiatric Association (APA), that taking  ‘Selfies’ is a mental disorder named ‘Selfitis’.

News was surprisingly unbelievable yet it spread like a fire in the forest in virtual community.

Yes, it was fake – hoax created by the Adobo Chornicles, a website which spread unbelievable news to get more likes. No such news was found on the official website of APA or confirmed through any other credible source.

What Is So Cool About Selfies?

The psychological phenomenon of the ‘Selfie’ culture is quite simple, It is the basic desire of human race — to be noticed, even if it doesn’t elicit the most appropriate type of recognition.

In this era, people feel appreciated by receiving just a few likes from  Facebook or Instagram friends.

It even leads to fake rolex for sale better results in workplace. (weird right?)

Thus, no matter who it is.. Celebrities, President ( Our very own Obama) or a plumber, almost everyone has fallen into this trend of Selfies.

Let’s see if it will be a short lived fad or a way of life 😉