A Boom Of Entrepreneurs?

There was a time when almost everyone dreamt of working in a high paying multinational organization but then it’s boom came. There were less jobs and more applicants.

But now things have changed.. In this era, people dream of being a boss themselves! They are tired of; living their lives on strict corporate rules, playing organization politics and most of all, spending 9 to 5 in a box. 

As the time folds, more and more entrepreneurs are stepping up in the market with innovative ideas, wherein, some of them are simply following others. Now what is all this leading to?


Sadly, not many can comprehend the concept of entrepreneurship. It is not just owning a website and running a blog. To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs knowledge, research, experience, and networking. We are doomed to fail if we think that it will be an easy journey.

Last night I had an interesting conversation with my husband (who is also an entrepreneur). I realised how much we had to give up to be where we are. Ofcourse we need to go far from where we stand but in terms of experience, we’ve grown tremendously. Our life didn’t just become easy in a day, we went through many hurdles to finally being able to say that we can earn a living through our business.

My advices to those stepping into business, don’t do this if you are only fed up with 9 to 5 routine, or your boss, or you can’t decide what to do with your life. Otherwise you will be disappointed!

Entrepreneurship is a full time job (including your weekends!). You will have to give up your luxuries because you won’t have time to do all that. A vision is what you will need to move forward, And your only motivation will be the one coming from within..

Once you will pass these hurdles, then will come the time of your life. A time where you will get to finally relax.

Atleast that is what I am hoping for ~