7 Reasons Why Smart Phones Are Destroying Our Health

This century is the age of miracles, technological advancements, globalization, new ventures and everything that was not even imaginable a few decades ago!

NASA landed a manned space craft on the Moon, on 20 July 1969….

The European Space Agency has made history by successfully landing a robot on a comet in deep space …

Long ago, smartphones were an upgrade to walkie-talkies and started off like normal wireless talking devices only used by businessmen or people of the corporate sector. But now smartphones are more smarter than those carrying them in hand!

They make our lives easy.. bit too easy I must say. Hence, it brings with it countless problems too, health issues, privacy threats, social disconnection are a few in a long list by various scientist round the globe but are we listening? 🙂


1- Wasting More Time: Smartphones come with option to add ‘almost’ unlimited apps! Majority of which are free of cost.Even the Pope requested young generation to stop wasting time on mobile phones! We have so many things to explore each day. So many apps that we have to go to try if we use iPhone or Andriod. It’s like a trap with no exit!

2- Radiations: Mobile phones are operated via network signal and batteries charged with electricity so we all must know that they emit radiation which can cause cancer and damage tissues where the mobile is being held. Numerous studies have proved this over and over again so just tell me one thing, isn’t your life precious enough to be wasted by using a lifeless object which you are going to dump every 4 months because a new model has arrived!

3- Lost Social Connections: Just tell me something honestly, when was the last time you had real social gathering with your loved ones and family and friends? 5 months ago? What were you doing in that event? Using your smartphone huh? That’s how we actually lost the connection with loved ones.. 

4- Less Time for Physical Activities: Talking of physical activities have you heard a 34 year old female in Spain was diagnosed with a disease named as WhatsAppitis! Woah! That is Crazy, right? You must be thinking when you have exercise and workout apps installed in your mobiles why go out and sweat! C’mon people these mobiles are not going to sweat for you, you need to get out and start working out, breath fresh air so that your mind gets revitalized and takes you up on your A-Game.

5- Eye Sight Issue: Yet another dilemma! Staring all day long on screens of your personal laptops and computers wasn’t enough; you got yourselves a fancy mobile, increasing the possibility of increasing your eye sight issues. I know what you do at night, lie down in your beds, turn off the lights, raise your hands and put your mobile in front of your face just a few inches away from your eyes.. Wonder when that mobile slips from your hand, falls on your head and the bell rings.

6- Decrease in Productivity: From apps like Candy Crush, The Sims to long group conversations on WhatsApp.. There are many distractions to keep you awake all night. THAT results in a lethargic early morning which leads to half dead brain which leads to less or NO PRODUCTIVITY AT ALL! Too much leading on, but its true and you know it.

7- Short Attention Span: Well having too many apps in your mobile doesn’t prove anything, except you will have no idea which news or article or which current topic or happening to focus on! We act like we know everything because we know something of everything but that isn’t knowing everything right? —> Due to overload of dissemination of information, our attention span is as low as 5 seconds!

 Do let me know what’s your take on this..