Age Of Social Networking – How We Are Better Than Our Ancestors?

Social networks has taken away one thing from us….. Socialising with real friends/family!

The aspect of actually going out there to socialize, has been replaced with updating statuses & liking pictures. I sometimes wonder if this is actually that negative or an exaggeration?. To be honest, there are quite many benefits of social networking which we are taking for granted.

internetKids are more confident after interacting with people online, which give them exposure on how to greet new people, in situations such as going to college, joining a team or meeting new friends.

Social networks, like everything else online – is constantly evolving. Due to ease in dissemination of information, even non-techy are becoming more familiar with new and emerging technologies, and with whatever is happening around the globe.

Many people find support in online communities; this is especially true for those who have mental disorders or feel isolated. One should encourage those who are dealing with crisis to connect with similar people & share the burden.

Online communities are very diverse and expose you to many new viewpoints, ideas, and opinions that you may not be familiar with. It opens your mind to countless possibilities, which you might not have thought of, with your few friends & family circle.

Lastly, Keeping in touch with family members that live far away can become much easier through the use of online social networking. By sharing updates, photos, videos, and messages, family members can stay connected even if the live across the country—or the world.

Next time, let’s not get overly pessimistic when someone mentions “#ageofsocialnetworking”

Picture Source: Anonymous